Baby Dear Harvest is the brain child of Megan Brevig and Trish Boyle, two friends who met at the Oregon College of Art and Craft in Portland Oregon. Bonding over a mutual fascination with taxidermy eyeballs, and a morbid sense of humor, the two quickly joined forces, merging their wood working and digital fabrication skills. On the brink of finishing their degrees, they came up with an initial series of jewelry, representing a new tongue and cheek approach to the idea of taxidermy. Initially, delving into a slew of unusual materials they had already compiled from previous projects, Megan and Trish became increasingly interested in finding creative solutions for wasted materials, and a series of iterations has since spawned. They are now the masters of salvaging surplus materials from local businesses in Portland, Oregon including The Oregon Leather Company, Gobi Walnut Products, and Tap Plastics.

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